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M. & Z. KAKAVA- Agrodomi Water supply Systems was founded in 1984 in Athens, Greece. The company almost from its beginning dealt with importing water supply and irrigation products for gardens, turf and agriculture application. Especially in open field irrigation and cotton cultivation, Agrodomi helped farmers to drastically improve their yield, with constant seminars from specialized personnel in Irrigation and Fertigation, using flow-regulated driplines like KATIF from PLASTRO GVAT - Israel.

Since 1989 Agrodomi and under license of Plastro Gvat Israel (today John Deere water USA) and in cooperation with Daios Plastics Factory, has being producing in Greece all the dripline line of John Deere water, covering the Greek and Balkans market.

Moreover, during 2006 Agrodomi acquired the production and distribution of POLYGLAS Nikolaidis Plastics Fittings Factory.

Today, after almost 27 years in the irrigation and water supply business in Greece, Agrodomi imports and exports irrigation products to Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Turkey, most of the Balkan States and Arab Countries.



Our experienced staff of agronomists and technicians is always ready to support you at any time from the study and design up to the installation stages of any water system (using CAD software) for fertilization, plant protection, etc.

More specific, during the last years and in cooperation with big construction companies, Agrodomi has participated in the design and construction of turn-key projects for irrigation and water treatment in large public and private projects, such as football stadiums, hotel resorts, hospitals, municipality parks, the Olympic stadium in Athens (OAKA), many Olympic projects, the International Airport El. Venizelos and the Patras-Athens-Thessaloniki National Road.



Among all the products that are distributed through our sales network, Agrodomi is the exclusive distributor and representative for products of some of the biggest brands in U.S.A. and Israel regarding water supply, irrigation and sewerage:

    1. POLYGLAS – Greece: Own production of plastic PP-fittings (tape, lock, compression)
    2. GALCON – Israel: Exclusive distributor for Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, the Balkan states. Irrigation controllers (AC/DC) for landscape, greenhouses, open fields, etc. ranging from 1-24 zones.
    3. GALCON ELDAR – Israel: Exclusive distributor for Greece, Cyprus. Fertigation and irrigation machines for greenhouse, climate control and open field applications.

Three-wire or radio communication systems for water management in Irrigation and drinking water supply.

    1. John Deere water USA: Exclusive distributor for Greece. Black and coloured PE and PVC pipes, flow regulated and non-regulated drippers and driplines (on-line, integral, no-drain), open-field and greenhouse sprinklers.
    2. Signature Control Systems – USA: Exclusive distributor for Greece, Cyprus and Romania. Full range of turf irrigation products including controllers and gear driven pop-up sprinklers from the smallest garden to the biggest parks. Two–wire control systems for irrigation and water supply.
    3. NELSON Irrigation – USA: Agricultural sprinklers and Big Guns for open field irrigation.
    4. ARKAL – Israel: Manual, semi-automatic or fully automated (self cleaning) disc filters starting from 3m3/h, for irrigation, water supply and industry.
    5. DOROT – Israel: Hydraulic valves, from 1” to 20” for irrigation, water supply, fire protection, etc.
    6. NOVITAL – Italy: Complete range of valve boxes for garden, pools, sewage.

The above and many more are some of the thousands different products of irrigation and water supply, that are always in stock and distributed through our warehouse and our extended sales network all over Greece.

All the companies and products that are represented by us carry the ISO 9002 quality certificate.

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